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There are many treatment methods for the varicose veins, but you should be aware that the only truly efficient and with durable effects remedy is the surgical treatment.

Surgical treatment

Here, at the FLEBESTET Medical Clinic, the only clinic with an exclusively flebological profile in the Romanian private medical field we use the non-stripping surgery for varicose veins. The method is non-traumatic and can be adapted to every case.

The surgery is done in an ambulatory system (the hospitalization time is only 2-3 hours).

After the surgery the patient is able to walk right away. He leaves the clinic approx. 30 minutes after the operation. The immobilization is not necessary. Most of the times our patients leave our clinic by car; they are able to drive themselves right after the operation.

The main advantages of the surgery performed at the FLEBESTET Medical Clinic are:

  • ambulatory treatment (only 2 or 3 hours hospitalization)
  • no bleeding involved during the surgery or after the surgery
  • the surgery is performed using local anesthesia
  • the post-operator aesthetical aspect of the leg (incisions of only 1-3 mm)
  • the immediate mobilization of the patient after the surgery; the patient leaves the clinic approx. 30 minutes after the operation and is even able to drive if he so desires

In our clinic any case of varicose disease can be solved, no matter how difficult by using the same method. At the FLEBESTET Medical Clinic there have been performed operations on patients with recurrent varices from past operations performed in other surgical clinics in Romania or from abroad.

The patients suffering from advanced stages of this disease like superficial thrombophlebittis or trophic skin disturbances including venous leg ulcer can also be operated on.

Patients who had been suffering from venous leg ulcer for several years and who found no cure at the other clinics were operated on in our clinic and the leg ulcer was cured in approx. 2-6 weeks.


We only perform sclerotherapy procedures for reticular varices (very fine veins of blue-green colour with a diameter of maximum 2-3 mm) and for telangiectasias.

We use different concentrations depending on the size of the diameter of the veins. The sclerotherapy techniques are also adapted to every type of lesion and topographic area in such a way that the procedure is painless and the risk of postsclerotherapy pigmentation is eliminated.

In some cases the treatment of the varices requires the use of both a surgical procedure and sclerotherapy, within the sdame session or in separate sessions.


You should also be aware that the patient suffering from varicose veins of the inferior limbs can be healed! It is advisable that the check-up previous to the surgery should be done as soon as possible in order to obtain the best aesthetical results. Unfortunately we often operate on patients who have been suffering from this disease for 15-20 years and who have to deal with advanced stages of the varicose veins.

An important role in helping the patients finding their cure by seeing a specialist in phlebology is that of the family doctors, the dermatologists, internists, cardiologists, surgeons also. An inadequate treatment can lead to the prolongation of the disease evolution period and sometimes to complications.

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